Friday, April 03, 2009

3 April: The Amazing Spotted CronePants

After knitting hats, scarves, mittens, socks and jerseys, what else is there to knit? Why, trousers, of course.

Everyone needs a warm and comfy pair of pants to lounge around the house. And they are really easy to knit, there's just rather a lot of leg, if you're as tall as me.

To make them warm, they are stranded, but only on alternate rounds (knitted in the round to avoid seams), in a stitch pattern graphically described as "Lice pattern" - presumably it represents the bite marks!

This pattern also lends itself to colour changes whenever the knitter runs out of, or gets bored with, one colour. Ideal for the knitter with a low boredom threshold, especially on long legs.

The waist is fastened with a drawstring, made on a lucet, and tied at the side, as these are Reversible Pants (and vice versa, as we always say).

After the warm sunshine of the past couple of days, we have a suitable chill in the air today - just right for the new pants.

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