Tuesday, April 28, 2009

28 April: Just blink

It must be old age, but I have no idea where last week went.

There was a lot of sitting in the garden, knitting, and a pleasant walk (the first house martins are back at the local farm), some gardening and some bead-ear-ring-making; and a shopping expedition.

In the garden, the apple trees are covered in fat pink buds, the snakeshead fritillaries are mostly over, the bluebells (only ours are pink) are nearly out; there are violets, auriculas, comfrey, cowslips and hybrid primulas, bergenias, daffodils, lungwort, hellebores, two tulips and two hyacinths, one rhododendron/azalea, honesty, and about a thousand forget-me-nots - a bit of colour.

There are 3 sorts of potato in bags on the paving, all looking good, and some seedling lettuces on the windowsill in the conservatory.

And we have some birds coming to the feeders; the regulars include a pair of robins (their nest is probably in our neighbour's garden), a pair of house sparrows, a pair of collared doves, several blackbirds, the dunnocks, and recently a small band of starlings - entertaining when they try to hover, but also very untidy feeders. The sparrowhawk has visited, but not fed.


tea and cake said...

who cares where the week has gone, it sounds like bliss!

OfTroy said...

do you have real blue bells or squills?
squills sort of look like anemic hyacinths.. the flower are further apart and very bell shaped.

Squills come in bluish purple, pinkish purple and white.. and grow from bulbs..

they are very hardy, and naturalize (that is they multiply instead of dying out over the years!)

I love squills..

stitchwort said...

tea and cake - yes, very enjoyable, and mostly dry and sunny!

OfTroy - The English bluebells (Endymion non-scriptus) which grow wild in great carpets in the woods, are part of the lily family, as are Spring Squill (Scilla verna), other squills, and various hyacinths, according to my flower ID book. The bluebell plant is a bit taller, and its flower more tubular and hanging than the squill, but is exactly the same colour. All are bulbs. Of course, English and US names are not always used for the same things - like vests and pants!!

stitchwort said...

...and I think our pink bluebells are Spanish bluebells.