Wednesday, March 01, 2006


The jumper for DH is finished. The second sleeve was finished on Friday, and it's taken since then to join all the pieces and to block it - too big to do in one go, so the sleeves had to be blocked separately.
It's knitted from Manx Loghtan wool, with the cream stripes in Wensleydale, both in their natural shades. There's a kilo of wool in it altogether. Actually it's a bit more brown than the photo shows.

And now on to the next project - I am swatching some black Shetland to establish a gauge, and then I'll test out some colours in a slip stitch pattern, with a view to knitting a jumper for myself. As I really didn't enjoy joining all the pieces together in the last one, perhaps I'll try to make it all in one piece. Never knitted sleeves from the top down, so that'll be good to try. The other change will be to work out the measurements for myself - the above jumper used standard instructions, and the sleeves came out a bit too long.

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