Saturday, March 18, 2006

Signs of spring at last?

This is how the current knitting is progressing - at the top is a close up of the colour detail at the top of the back shoulder, and the lower picture is the overall piece of work. The artificial lighting has given it a rather green cast, but in ordinary daylight it is black - the colour of all possibilities.

A brave little tulip, showing a touch of colour.
And new hawthorn leaves, only slightly burnt by the recent cold.

Small birds have been visiting the feeder, and a few are looking brighter coloured and ready for a bit of courting - any minute now the house martins will be back, and we haven't got last year's crap off the porch roof yet!

Our small boating continues, with DH disposing of a car load of Stuff this morning. It even looks as if I might be able to get my little car into the garage while we're away for a few days! (We have never actually tried putting a car into the garage in the nearly 4 years we've lived here.)

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