Sunday, March 12, 2006

Yarn and story

This is the current knitting - a jumper for myself in black Shetland wool, with colour detail in hand dyed Blue Faced Leicester.

This rather fuzzy picture is some Manx Loghtan I was spinning yesterday. (The more in-focus skein in the background is some Shetland yarn.)

And this is how it looked when it was plyed and wound off onto the niddy noddy.

Apart from spinning and knitting (well, it's snowed all weekend), I've been updating my family history files with fresh information, and then amending the "book" that's in progress. This is an attempt to turn all the births, marriages and deaths into a more readable form so that all the grandchildren will have an idea of earlier generations.

After about 3 years following the ancestral trails, I have compiled a "tree" or network of relatives which contains details of almost 600 individuals - this is not counting the Australian branch, which contains about 300 more individuals. It's been great fun following up the clues, but now I've reached the point where it's not easy to obtain the information from CDs, websites, and microfiche at home; I shall have to travel to record offices and libraries. In due course I shall do this, but in the meantime I am keeping it going by compiling the "book". The trouble with it is that I keep having bright ideas about what I could add to it in the way of illustrations, so the "book" may turn out to be as open-ended as the research!


Kez said...

I can't believe you have a piece of equipment called a niddy noddy. Or maybe I can.

stitchwort said...

I didn't choose the name - only use it. It's supposed to be from the nodding action when you wind the wool, but I expect I do it wrong - it doesn't look like that to me.