Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunday Afternoon

For a breath of fresh air (and a nice cup of tea), we went to the Botanic garden this afternoon. It all looks very tidy, and lots of work has been done since we were last there.
We sat in the bird hide and watched lots of tits, blue, great and long-tailed, plus a nuthatch on a feeder really close to the hide, then a goldcrest on the same feeder.
There was also a squirrel trying its luck with one of the feeders, and then a sparrowhawk dived in twice, but as far as we could see unsuccessfully.

Hello to visitors - there is only a minimum of information on my profile because I don't think I want to be identified with any other life I have. If people other than close friends and family read this blog over time, I'm sure they will pick up my interests and views. I read a number of other blogs regularly, but am still keeping my head well below the parapet.

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