Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Who cares?

A very distressing story on a couple of days ago called "Caring goes out the window". It makes you even more determined to avoid these places where you're supposed to get looked after, but it's the last thing on everyone else's mind.
In hospital? The main priorities seem to be getting the paperwork done, and the patients shifted out as soon as possible. Shorten the waiting list and free up those beds!
In the care of the local authority? That's where youngsters learn to play truant, shoplift and take drugs. "Care" seems to be one of the last things they get; though of course it could be that the only ones you notice are the most damaged ones.
In a care home? The staff are on the lowest wages possible, so you can work it out for yourself how they are going to feel about the job, and how they may feel about inmates who might prefer to be independent, who might hate their situation, and might actually have human feelings and reactions.

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