Thursday, April 27, 2006

And the message is...

This posting is a useful way to sit by the window and watch out for the repair man. I daren't go out into the back garden and continue yesterday's thrilling task of re-pointing the paving, in case I miss the man from Grittish Bass.

Funny how advertisements enter the mind in ways probably never thought of by those who dream them up.

There's the company who sponsor CSI for instance - the message received is "phones for the incredibly thick". And there was a car "they don't want you to buy" - we didn't.

The cleaning products with the ludicrous 'dirt' scenarios and intensely irritating presenters/salespeople; OK, they may clean up fresh dust and lightly coloured water, but how do they do with the catsick on the carpet that you don't find till hours later?

There's soap labelled "non-comedogenic" - well, soap NEVER makes me laugh!

Recently I found myself singing a song I must have picked up from a couple of TV ads, a bank that has hi-jacked a Glen Campbell oldie, and another cleaning product - yep, Like a Limescale Cowboy.


Jack said...

You were kind enough to visit my site so I thought I would visit yours.

It's a lovely site! I enjoy the photos and your writing. What a pleasure to read good, clear sentences without spelling or grammatical errors.

stitchwort said...

jack, thank you. The photos are not very technical, just point the digital camera and shoot, but I try to compose them; and try to find interesting shots.

Judith said...

For some reason I failed to find your blog when you first commented on mine. Glad to reciprocate now.

I just looked up 'non-comedogenic' and arrived at this website on environmental eco-labels. Seems quite useful.
Your interpretation of the word wins hands down!