Sunday, April 23, 2006

Out and about

The flower beds in Jubilee Park were looking colourful yesterday as DH and I walked back from the shops. Along the railway line path the willows and cherries are flowering. As we came past the farm, three house martins were swooping round - the first of the summer.

Today we had a walk in Hamsterley Forest. The mountain bikers were still assembling in the nearly empty car park when we set out. We didn't meet many people in the forest, though by the time we returned the car park was heaving. The usual rule applies - 200 yards from the car park and you're away from the madding crowd. Saw a couple of people jogging - hmmm...

Even the moorland looked attractive in the sunshine. And the tracks were quite dry. Large areas have been felled, and in places logs are piled up beside the tracks. The log piles smelled wonderful. Among the wildlife we saw were two peacock butterflies, a pair of jays, and a few lapwings.

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