Sunday, April 09, 2006

Plant Life

The houseleeks are now transferred to 2 smart new pots (from Mr. Tesco) - one each side of the pergola.

In spite of the cold, some of the wild plants (you could call them weeds) in the garden are flowering. This is heartsease, which is far too pretty to pull up and has very variable coloured flowers. This plant is only about an inch and a half tall.

The plants out of a Marks and Spencer basket of mixed indoor plants were separated and potted up individually a year or two ago, so the label was lost and their varieties are now unknown. This palm-like plant has produced a sort of flower, or perhaps fruiting body, in amongst the general tangle of leaves.

And two of the cactuses in the conservatory (kept at 10 degrees C.) are now in flower.

There have been very few birds about recently - presumably the bitterly cold weather has prevented insects from emerging, and so there is little food for them. The only visiting birds spotted this week have been a song thrush (quite unusual) and a pair of fat pigeons.

The black jumper is being blocked, and will be ready to photograph in a few days. Oh, the suspense!


Ruby in Bury said...

I love houseleek. It was the first garden plant I ever had. When we lived in London, there was some growing all over the gateposts of a house up the road. My mother in law nabbed a little bit of it on the way past, and put it on the border of our driveway. It spread and spread and spread!

stitchwort said...

Yes, little bits get knocked off, and root themselves; there are small outposts starting in several places.