Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Party politics

It was reported on the news this morning that Tony Blair and David Cameron were going to have a discussion about how political parties will be funded in the future.

Pardon me? Shouldn't that be the voters deciding how political parties should be funded?

Imagine the opportunity for election costs to spiral upwards at several times the rate of inflation (or at least several dozen times the rate of increase in civil service pay, or pensions), the army of paid party officials they will "need" to administer the money, and the possibilities for funds to "go missing".

As long as political parties are funded by their own supporters, they still have a reason to work at attracting support. And why shouldn't people be able to CHOOSE who they support?

Perhaps you wouldn't mind paying the wages of the party machines of the Tory, Labour and LibDem parties; but how about Sinn Fein, Respect, UKIP, the British National Party?

The electorate need to be consulted. If ever there was an issue to put to a referendum, this is it.

This government is really getting up my nose.

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