Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rowers and Flowers

There were quite a lot of students rowing on the River Wear today in Durham, just under Kingsgate Bridge. Some building work on the riverside too. It was overcast and rather chilly, not inviting weather for messing about on the river.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.... this flower looks like a primrose, but has several flower heads on one stem, like a cowslip. There are both primroses and cowslips in the borders, and a variety of others from the primula family - it was intended that they should hybridise.

And this is the first forget-me-not to have buds on - it's only a couple of inches high, but is still capable of seeding all over the place! One of our most successful plants.

It will be easily grasped from these 3 photos why I take so many pictures of flowers - the camera and I do them rather better than landscapes.

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