Saturday, April 08, 2006

From the frozen North

The ice formation in the bird bath remains a mystery; perhaps it fell from an aircraft, or the police helicopter that prowls about (or does it in fact belong to some more sinister organisation??).

DH has been laid low with a nasty cold, involving lots of coughing at night; he seems a bit improved today but still feeling alternately hot and chilly. I'm surprised that I haven't caught it (yet), or indeed the one that a colleague was determined to share with everyone over lunch, coughing and spluttering in all directions.

This week the blackthorn has blossomed - otherwise totally unremarkable hedgerow trees and bushes suddenly step forward from the background with their delicate mist of white flowers.

It would be so good to get out into the garden and give the emerging plants a good feed. A couple of clay pots have shattered with the cold and the plants in them need re-potting, but as the snow is currently falling thick and fast in huge blobs, and the wind is still coming from the North pole, that will have to wait. The weather has been really strange - or is it just that all the seasons have slipped back a couple of months?

There should have been a photo of the completed black jumper this weekend, only when it was all done I decided that the neckline was wrong, and have decided to alter it. I know the suspense is almost too much, but there it is!

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