Sunday, November 12, 2006

12 November: Salute to Fred Knittle

Last night we caught a documentary on More4 about a New England singing group called Young @ Heart, a bunch of geriatrics who haven't given in to old age, and who have a lot of rock songs in their eclectic repertoire.

It was riveting. Far and away the best thing I've seen on TV for ages.

And at the end Fred, a big fat guy in his 80s, on oxygen, who couldn't stand up, sang absolutely wonderfully and beautifully 'Fix you', a Coldplay song, for two of the group who'd died that week.

DH has had to download the Coldplay album and the video.

The documentary is being shown again on Channel 4 on 22 November - WATCH IT.

Update on 2 December: There is now a piece about Fred on the Young @ Heart chorus website -


Nik said...

I saw it too, and was a tear sodden mess by the end of it. Not tears of sadaness though, but of joy and triumph and positivity. The mp3 of Fred singing Fix You is available now ffrom the Young@Heart site for $3, and it's waaaaayyy better than the Coldplay version...

Sharon said...

Researching the Young@Hearts group brought me here. I watched it yesterday here in Sicily.

Jeanne said...

Saw it at the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Film Fest and LOVED it. Here's a link to a YouTube video of Fred singing Fix you:

Jeanne said...

Here's a link, sorry:

Fred Singing Fix You