Wednesday, November 22, 2006

22 November: In the garden

Madame Alfred Carriere* needed a trim.

There were 6-8 foot lengths of growth sticking out all over the top, and the wind had broken one down; half an hour with the stepladder and secateurs had the old girl (though she is only 4 years old) looking much tidier.

Then I looked for some more contributions to my series of leaf litter photos. This is liquidambar leaves by the cyclamen -

And here are magnolia leaves by foxglove and sweet williams -

And the lily looked lovely, with still a bit of nasturtium surviving the frosts -

On the technology front, the "upgraded" broadband doesn't seem to have made any difference. And the Statcounter is pretty incomprehensible, especially as it refuses to ignore my own visits. Still, it revealed that the String Bag was Google's top choice for "fred knittle fix you".

I'm not sure I want this sort of publicity.

* She is, of course, a rose.


KAZ said...

Now you'll be top on Google for 'Madame Alfred Carriere'.
She's lucky not to have to go to the barbers where I had a nasty experience last week.

To block your visits click on the spanner thingy.

stitchwort said...

Clicked on the spanner thingy, several times - it makes no difference. Another iMac oddity?

greavsie said...

It's probably upset you're calling it a spanner thingy.

The Murphmeister said...

When Coldplay recruit Fred Knittle on guitar you are sorted!

Beware of prickly little madames in the garden is a watchword round these parts.