Wednesday, November 29, 2006

29 November: Beta Blogger

Shut my eyes and took the leap - this wonderful bag of strings now comes to you in Beta Blogger.

As far as I can see (without my glasses of course) the only difference is that some of the comments seem to be written by anonymous. So if you want me to understand, you just might need to put your name in the comment.


KAZ said...

Hi Stitch: Just testing to see if I'm anonymous.
I am too scared to go beta.

stitchwort said...

Not anonymous - would that be "nonymous"?

Where's your sense of adventure?

Z said...

I was one of your anonymouses the other day. I hadn't called myself anonymous though. So I too am just testing....

and if ever I can get the wv right, I might even be able to send it

stitchwort said...

WV with Beta seems never to like your first try, I find.
With the exception of this, naturally.