Thursday, November 09, 2006

9 November: After the frost

Now we've had a frost, the leaves have come tumbling off the trees. These have come off the gingko and the acer griseum. The low sun made strong shadows.

Under another little acer, a few pinks are still flowering.

And there are some interesting seedheads on some of the plants - this is elecampagne, which has rather dull flowers.

The sunshine makes me feel more energetic, after a tiring start to the week.
I went to Leeds on Monday for a course. Leeds station at 8.15 in the morning is just like one enormous rugby scrum! The train down was pretty quiet, as most people were still half asleep, but coming back just after 5, they all had the mobile phones out, and the chatter factor was a lot higher. There wasn't any opportunity to see much of Leeds, other than the walk from the station and back - the main impression is that there are an awful lot of huge and impressive buildings.


KAZ said...

There's loads of brass in Leeds. That's why they put the first northern Harvey Nicks there.
I chose to go to courses in Leeds rather than Manchester.
It made it easier to 'disappear' at lunchtime and have a look round.

The Murphmeister said...

Pinks look quite springlike in the pic. More intrinsically artistic than bathmats.

stitchwort said...

Yes, I'll try and get a good view of the bathmat! Although it's not an al fresco one, so perhaps doesn't have quite the same appeal.

Anonymous said...

Love the leaves pic. Gorgeous.