Tuesday, November 14, 2006

14 November: Lucky day

Home from a "hard day at work" to find an official-looking, computer-produced missive in a window envelope.

The communication that is expected is concerning one of my forthcoming pensions, but it wasn't that.

ERNIE has chosen one of my Premium Bonds for a prize!!

Hold the begging letters, though - it was only £50.

Now, bearing in mind that we are teetotal vegetarians, what shall we spend it on?


KAZ said...

A night out!
Cinema followed by veggie curry.

or: Clothes!
New designer fleece and walking boots - (you can't knit those).

Oh and you must chase up the pension folk ..they don't seem to want to give it away.

Anonymous said...

Books. A really desirable reference book or some newly published novels that you really want but would usually wait for in paperback.

Though the cinema and curry sound good too.

The Murphmeister said...

But what about all the begging letters, Stitch?

"Oh, I'll keep witing them!"