Sunday, November 26, 2006

26 November: Gloomy

Some of the neighbours have been out with their step-ladders, putting up the external Chr*****s decorations. One of them involves a row of little Chr*****s trees in planters - let's just hope it doesn't break into "Well here it is, Merry Chr...." every time someone walks past.

The weather's been dull, DH has had a nasty sickness and diarrhoea bug (why does Blogger think that's wrongly spelt?), I've been sleeping badly and my eczema's playing up, a meeting yesterday produced an unexpected depression, and I'm sick to death of people asking me how much longer I have to work.

But the sun's come out, I've spent all morning spinning, been out for a walk, and now things can only get better - apart from the guy putting up more bloody Chr*****s lights on the house smack opposite our front door. Pardon my swearing.

Isn't "pardon" one of those terribly non-U words, like "toilet" and "serviette"? I do like using non-U words, but somehow, I don't think *netty* falls into either category.

(You see, I may not have the local accent, but I can manage the vocabulary.)

Now I think I'll go and ply those singles I spun this morning. And maybe even look forward to going to work tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I think that it's not non-U to say "pardon my swearing" but it is non-U to say "pardon" when you mean "I beg your pardon." I believe it is also non-U to say "mirror" when you should be saying "looking-glass" and a mantelpiece should be a chimney-piece. All of which is stupid of course.

And Blogger can't spell in English.

Anonymous said...

Don't those garish house-light displays always look so empty and depressing. Several near us are actually left up all year which is even more sad. Still, there are 2 million Chr***as Trees actually growing in central Norfolk so they will do.

Hope your Monday goes well anyway.

Btw, I noticed on page 3 of the Daily Looking Glass there was a picture of an actress with a large chimney-piece.

stitchwort said...

The biggest chimney-piece I know of is at Cragside, Northumberland - it's really frightening.

Any time a colleague has a Daily Looking Glass, the only bit I'm interested in is the puzzle page (sad, or what).

Monday not too bad, thank you - unexpectedly early finish!

KAZ said...

We must form a bah humbug bloggers association.

Oh, and how much longer have you to work?

*ducks* to avoid flying shuttle.

Spoon said...

Yes it would appear that our friends on the other side of the Atlantic prefer to spell diarrhoea without the O. At which point, did they decide that the O was unnecessary? Who omitted it from the word and why?

I've received my first c*******s card already... Not impressed.

Anonymous said...

We can only conclude the long held theory is true then... Microsoft don't know sh*t !

stitchwort said...

Hello spoon - a card already! Super.

murph - thought that was no longer a theory, but (as they say) proven.

stitchwort said...

And kaz - 2 weeks.
Thank you for asking.

Anonymous said...

Touche re blogger Stitch!