Monday, January 01, 2007

1 January: Slightly distressed

Today there are aches and pains in places forgotten about for some time.

Back of the neck, shoulders, back, thighs, knees, and the underparts.

We went out for a bike ride yesterday!

There was a gap in the horizontal rainfall, and the gale died down. DH had spruced up the bikes in the hope that we might get out on them, so off we went along some of the local lanes and tracks. We tried a County Council designated "cycle route" which we hoped might lead us to the road to Durham, but by the time we were 3 inches deep in mud and leaves, heading towards a very steep drop, and there was a tree lying across the path (and it had clearly been there for quite a time), we decided that this "cycle route" was only suitable for the hardiest of mountain bikers, and turned back.

It was particularly pleasing that I was actually able to do it, because the last time I tried cycling, in 2005, the knee I broke the year before wasn't strong enough to cope. Also I was on a bike with nice low gears, and by using the appropriately named granny ring (on the gears) I was able to ride all the way up the hilly bits. The downside was that this bike had a very hard saddle - ouch!

We have spent the holiday period making plans for projects in the house and the garden, so there is plenty of other activity to look forward to in the coming months. Perhaps not so much time for knitting.


Murph said...

A quality "Gel" Saddle is a fine investment, Stitch!

stitchwort said...

There is a plan afoot. We have assorted bikes, all with desirable qualities, but in different combinations.
Actually, padded combinations might be the answer.

Bro said...

I must be absolutely firm about this, Sis.

Padded shorts, gel saddles . . . I've tried all that stuff, and they don't work. They're a complete red herring.

Just wear your normal pants/shorts and sit on an old-fashioned good-quality leather saddle. Comfort all day. Period.

Aren't you glad you know that now?