Saturday, January 27, 2007

27 January: Balaclava

The cold spell - thoughts of a balaclava - made one. Well, more of a ski mask.

That made the weather improve, didn't it?

It makes a good veil, but it's far too hot to wear now or here.

Actually, I'm not sure if the specs should be inside or outside - not up on the detail of ski mask wearing. And as skiing is not on my agenda (or indeed bank robbing), it's rather unlikely that it will ever get out of the house. Still, it was fun to make. Now for some child-sized mittens.


Murph said...

"Put your hands up and put the money in the sack!!!"

A bit frightening, Stitch!

Victoria Sponge said...

Oooh... That made me jump!!!

KAZ said...

Better not let Jack Straw see you!

stitchwort said...

Sorry about that, folks. Terrific concentration on getting the photo taken without a) the light from the window spoiling it, b) the reflection off my specs spoiling it, and c) revealing the photos of my daughter and son on the wall behind my head.

My hoodie is not as concealing (or hot).

victoria s - DD (Dear Daughter) has told me who you are - your cover is blown!

Victoria Sponge said...

I can only assume that BB is your daughter? I had no idea. Isn't it a small world?

stitchwort said...

victoria s - my daughter was in Pennsylvania last year, and was friends with a friend of yours from England. (Not sure who BB is, though)

Ruby in Bury said...

Just reading through these comments it struck me blogging is like being part of a secret spy ring :-D I think you should start producing those balaclavas in bulk so we can all appear in them for our profile photos - and in my case wear one when I go taking photos around town. The perfect anonymity preserver.