Saturday, January 13, 2007

13 January: Tagged

And here is the crap you've been waiting for.

5 things about me, which may or may not be true, or indeed of any interest -

1 - My low boredom threshold means I have lots of interests, and flit lightly from one to another, never sticking with anything long enough to get really good at it.

2 - I seldom wear blue or red.

3 - I loathe frogs, toads, newts, and lizards. But I quite like beetles.

4 - I enjoy reading maps (and I'm quite good at it). One of my earliest memories is of being fascinated by a map of the Festival of Britain*. Had I ever been able to run fast, I could have been a good orienteer. Except of course for the low boredom threshold.

5 - I was once beaten in the Brampton to Carlisle road race by Steve Cram. Actually, so was everyone else in the race.

The running club I belonged to at that time had a competition throughout the year, with points being gained from your placing in various races in comparison with other club members. So, if there were 6 club members in a race, and you ran fast but were the last of those club members, you got fewer points than if you were the only runner from the club in a race - then you only had to complete it to get maximum points. As a slow runner, but cunning, I tended to pick the races with fewer club entrants. Mind, I knew I was in the wrong race when we got to the start and saw Steve Cram warming up.

For much of the race I was actually the back marker, with my own personal police motorcycle outrider. Then approaching Carlisle, I overtook a young man with a physical disability of some sort, and a little further on I overtook a schoolgirl who obviously had never run 10 miles before. So I wasn't the last finisher. Sadly, I can't remember if I got lots of club points.

This posting was brought to you by Murph-tag. I thank you.

*Sunday morning update: diamond geezer has coincidentally a mention of the Festival of Britain in his post this morning.


Doris said...

You loathe frogs and toads? I'd better give you a heads up now that they will feature heavily in Stately Moans once Froggy Love Day happens in March!

Murph said...

Sorry, I feel guilty now! You could have said:

"1 - My low boredom threshold means I have lo....."

and left it there.

Steve Cram is one of the all time greats...I was beaten by Tinky Winky, a rhino and a bloke dressed as a tomato once. But enough of my private life...

KAZ said...

no 3: I have a serious frog phobia.
Although frogs are rare and possibly extinct in Manchester the terror of a walk in the countryside or the toilet on a campsite cannot be over estimated.
I'm OK if I meet a man eating tiger or a charging rhino - but frogs - yikes.
Congratulations on losing to Steve Cram - I bet he's very proud!

stitchwort said...

murph - all is forgiven. It was actually quite interesting to think of suitable "things".("quite interesting" is good - like the TV prog of the same name)

doris - I know how beneficial they are for the garden, and I ought to like them, but they give me the shudders.
Eeweurgh! (I think that's how it's spelt.)

kaz - happily I've never seen a frog in a toilet. Yet.

Ruby in Bury said...

I don't mind frogs when they're little but I *hate* toads. Once had a horrible experience with one in a water barrel. Never seen anything so horrible and shudder making, and yes, I think you spelt eeweurgh correctly. That's the word that applies all right. I think toads are worse than spiders.