Tuesday, January 16, 2007

16 January: Gaviscon

It's a bright, cold, calm day here. The birdbath was frozen over, so I poured a some hot water into it so that the blackbird could have a warm bath.

Elsewhere in the garden, plants are being fooled into starting their spring growth. There are 2 snowdrops in flower (I have never planted snowdrops, so perhaps the birds brought them), and the clematis has new shoots.

The bird feeders needed cleaning out after all the recent rain - the seed gets soggy and not at all nice to eat.

And while I'm uploading photos, here's another pair of recently knitted mittens - just in case you have mitten withdrawal symptoms.

And the Gaviscon - well, I've had this Glen Campbell song on the brain all morning....


Murph said...

I didn't know Glen had forsaken easy-listening Country for the raucous sound of Acid Reflux?

Saw first snowdrop last weekend. I bet we'll be knee deep in snow in about a month's time - better get the mitten production into overdrive!

Z said...

I saw snowdrops in Norwich today.

We haven't had any frosts for three weeks, although it's been a bit nippy for the last day or two.

Ruby in Bury said...

No weird shapes appeared in the ice this year yet, then?

I hope the blackbird enjoyed its warm bath!!

stitchwort said...

County Durham on a par with East Anglia then, snowdrop-wise?

murph - it gets worse - today it's "YMCA". Any ideas how to get songs off the brain?

and the birdbath is being closely watched for odd ice formations.
Gosh, you lot stay up late in Suffolk and Norfolk.

Murph said...

Not all of us, Stitch! Fast asleep by 10 me.

KAZ said...

I'm sure I've seen those mittens before.