Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2 January: New shoots

Yesterday's inspection of the garden revealed that various plants are way ahead of their usual programme. It wasn't a surprise to find the hellebores with big buds -

But the daffodils are already pushing up among the leaf litter by the Japanese anemones. Usually the lungwort (the spotted leaf in the bottom left corner) grows and flowers before the daffs start. The bluebells in a pot are similarly well advanced.


KAZ said...

Hellebores and lungworts - what terrible names for plants.
'Anemone' is lovely - surely some celebrity must have given this name to their daughter by now.

stitchwort said...

Some hellebores are "Lenten roses", and some are "Christmas roses", but as they aren't roses, I prefer their other names.
Lungwort is supposed to be a cure for lung problems.

Anonymous said...

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