Wednesday, January 10, 2007

10 January: A little sunshine

Yesterday the rain eased up, though there was still a strong wind blowing from the west. As I'd had to stay in all morning, waiting for a furniture delivery, I made the most of the afternoon, getting out for a walk.

The lane led down to a farm. Part of the hedge had been trimmed.

Beyond the farm, the view opened out to the valley. That brisk westerly wind was bringing the next rainclouds, but the sun was still out.

DH and I spent all the evening unpacking the new furniture, moving it into place, and then removing the old furniture.

And today the entire morning has been taken up with 9-page and 6-page forms about pensions, plus a tax form. If it's not raining after lunch, I might take another walk.


KAZ said...

I really hate waiting in for a delivery - I'm always scared to make the slightest noise in case I miss it.
Lucky for you that they turned up and you could have a lovely walk.

Hold on a minute and I'll join you for this afternoon.

Murph said...

I advised the tax people to take a hike once. Not a good idea.
Nice pics - it's been raining down here a lot.

stitchwort said...

kaz - at least they narrowed it down to "morning", so I wasn't sitting by the front window all day.
murph - rain? Thank heavens we live on a hill, or we'd be building an ark. But then we catch the gales, so all the trees lean a bit, as you see in the pics.

mrsnesbitt said...

Tax forms yuck!
You need to have a nice glass of wine later!....I am!

Murph said...

Stitch... you've been dog-tagged and have to do a post with 5 new facts about yourself.
(It's not like one of those old chain letters where if you break the chain, untold ills will descend upon you. Still, you never know, eh?)