Thursday, February 01, 2007

1 February: Television

This evening, to accompany my mitten knitting, I was watching TV.

The news irritated me - there's recently been a tendency to oppose *British* and *Muslim*, as if they were mutually exclusive.

No, no ; *British* describes nationality, and *Muslim* describes religion. People can be British, French, Chinese, Indian, etc. and at the same time Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, or whatever, in any sort of combination of nationality and religion. Because people have non-white skins, they are NOT automatically non-Christian, just as white skins are NOT automatically containing Christians. Some white skins, including mine, conceal Buddhists; others contain Jews, Zoroastrians, or Muslims. Lots of Britons have no particular religion - the same probably applies to people of other nationalities too.

I would have expected better from the BBC.


Also this evening I watched a programme purporting to give the truth about food. It concerned dieting, and I was interested as currently I would like to lose large lumps of fat from where my waist used to be. DH would also like his belt to go round his stomach, not under it.

Some of what was being shown was not relevant to vegetarians, but much stuff could be translated into Veggie quite easily. DH was delighted that one of the suggestions was Soup, as he is very fond of soup. I can cope with soup, as long as it has no salt, but plenty of lentils.

Enter a Soup Dragon, left.


Spike said...

I would have expected better from the BBC.

Yers. I have the same thoughts about Aunty.

Z said...

I couldn't agree more. It's the sort of sloppy labelling that encourages typecasting and divisiveness.

I didn't see the programme but my son did and found it interesting and sensible.

KAZ said...

But about the soup ... I live on soup. Onion, lentil, tomato, carrot - so no problems with 5 a day.
Especially if you include the odd pizza.

stitchwort said...

Hello spike - nice to see you over here.

z and kaz - I've made enough soup for the two of us for at least 3 days, but my low boredom threshold will mean some of it has to be frozen.