Tuesday, February 13, 2007

13 February: It must be true...

Sunday's posting was contributed by Time Lords, or Al Zheimer, it certainly wasn't evidence that I don't know what day it is!

Mumble, mumble, OAP, dribble, dribble, OAP, shuffle, shuffle.....

Anyway, when DH came home yesterday (which was, I think, Monday), he told me that people had been evacuated from houses very near our home, because of a gas leak.

There's possibly a certain former JCB driver going to sign on this morning, after smashing through a large gas main - aren't the mains coloured bright yellow so that you can see them in the ground?

Ceefax had a report that the road was closed; the local TV news programmes had live, on-the-spot reports from a frozen guy (who used to wear surprising red socks when he used to do court reports, as I recall) standing beside a pitch dark road in the wind (very exposed bit of road, that) looking very serious and telling everyone that the gas supply to thousands of houses in a wide area was off. The last of his reports I saw contained the promise that if you still had gas, it would be going off very soon, and might be off for days.

Funny - we haven't had any interruption at all to the gas supply yet, and Ceefax now tells us that the main was repaired early this morning. There do seem to be houses without a gas supply today, but it seems that the problem has been nowhere near as dramatic or widespread as advertised.

Why must the media try to make things sound so much worse than they might really be? Over-the-top drama belongs in the soaps.

Perhaps the media needs making healthier by the addition of a large dose of salt.

Bird flu? Looks like the slaughter of those thousands of turkeys stopped it before it spread to every corner shop in the land. David Cameron's drug-taking? Looks like it might have been just a bit of a schoolboy experiment. And let's not start on WMD...


Murph said...

"Two hundred suspect birds got slaughtered in Norwich on Saturday".

Yes, another typical night in Norwich's clubbing district!

Salt as a positive force...I like it!

KAZ said...

And we didn't see a speck of snow here.

Thought I was a victim of the Time Lords, or Al Zheimer the other day. I picked up my paper in Asda and notice the news looked familiar. I checked with a 'younger' person who confirmed it was yesterday's.

So now I'm suffering fron paranoia.