Sunday, February 18, 2007

18 February: Growth

The hellebores have been really lovely this year. This one appeared in the blog earlier in the year as a bud.

There are some paler ones too, but as the flowers hang down it was very difficult to get a good view of them. And no crocuses yet.

The seed potatoes are now nestling in egg boxes and seed trays in the conservatory, and the new shoots are already growing.

This morning we walked in Hamsterley Forest - in the valley there was still thick frost on the ground. As the sun reached it, the frost turned straight into steam.


KAZ said...

I hate to admit it - but this makes me feel cautiously optimistic.

Murph said...

Oz once walked the Hamsterley Way - wrinkling his little nose and pretending to preen his whiskers.
Lovely Hellebore pic though Stitch..let's all feel cautiously optimistic!!! If we weren't British we'd have a Carnival, but "feeling cautiously optimistic" will have to do.