Wednesday, February 07, 2007

7 February: Huh?

Is it me?

Bird flu in Suffolk - now we don't want to spread it around, do we?

So let's take all the infected birds up to Staffordshire to incinerate them.

Then let's take the poorly vet up to a hospital in Nottinghamshire.

And let's have all the press in, milling around, then returning to their offices and homes.

Oh, and we're not actually sure how this is spread.

Is it me?


Z said...

Well, it really would help if the factory farm involved did not try to deny they might well have imported the disease themselves from Hungary.

The press, or shall I say the various news media, love it. They really hope that it'll spread and they can film the bonfires of poultry. Mass shooting of migrating birds would be best of all.

But no, Stitchwort, it is not you. Or anyway, not just you.

Murph said...

I'm a frayed knot!