Sunday, February 25, 2007

25 February: Time flies

It's been a funny old week.

It must be an effect of retirement, because DH thinks it's been a long week, but I feel as if yesterday was Tuesday, when I made my bid for Wildlife Photographer of the Day.

So perhaps it's been a time-warp, or a worm-hole in the fabric of time, or I've been in overdrive and the rest of the world's been in slow motion. Whatever.

But I've been busy all week, and practically nothing to show for it. OK, I read a book one day, unable to put it down; and there are 2 scarves freshly knitted and dyed, now spread out to dry in the bathroom; and there are 2 waterbutts in the conservatory, waiting to be installed - now that could be a saga, or even a series of photos for you and my other reader to caption..... So, try to contain your excitement while you wait for that.

*And Google's top choice for "cat work in Consett"? Well, here, naturally.

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