Thursday, February 08, 2007

8 February: Snow - and a surprise

On the TV a child from Birmingham was confidently declaring that we don't have snow in the winter any more in England. Perhaps the North-East is not really part of England any longer, as we do actually have snow just about every winter. Though of course, it doesn't count if it doesn't affect those media people.

And this winter (hooray! hooray!) I won't have to drive to work in Consett; up there, about 250m above sea level, it can snow a lot in the winter, and the direct road from here to there can sometimes be closed by snow, necessitating a lengthy detour.

Presumably it's the Global Warming that brings us winter after spring has started. Wonder what might happen if the Gulf Stream changes - winter snow might then be a little more frequent.

Anyway, this afternoon I was busy when the phone rang. Putting down what I was doing, I dashed to get to the phone before the answerphone kicked in. A message for you, she said. Press 1 to hear it. Very mysterious. I pressed 1.

It was Tom Baker, calling to remind me of my dental appointment next week! Wasn't that nice of him, when he's so busy with adverts and such.


Murph said...

Time Lords reminding you of your dental appointment? It could have been a cavity in the space-time continuum. Jon Pertwee selling double glazing next.

KAZ said...

Kev once sent me a message via that Tom Baker thingy. I thought it was a *funny call* so I told him to eff off!
I preferred Christopher Eccleston anyway.

Ruby in Bury said...

In my old place of work we once had some professional actors come in to make a corporate video. One of them looked very familiar and we couldn't think who it was, walking round the offices, talking about the company and generally pretending to be one of us. Then some one realised it was Lila - one of the old "Who girls". I was very miffed - I would obviously have been a much more glamorous face of the company ;-)