Friday, June 01, 2007

1 June: Bathroom refitting

We have a skip.

The shower room is the first part of the exercise. All the materials are stowed in the garage -

At the end of 3 days ' work it looked like this where the new shower will be (new radiator/towel rail already in place) -

And the new cistern is boxed in, ready for the WC pan. Today we will have mostly tiling.

But I've been busy. The yellow socks are progressing well, I've carded some bamboo and some Shetland wool together, to try knitting it as socks. When I've spun a few skeins of it, I'll dye them and start a sock or three.

Meanwhile, the football scarf is now blocked and finished.


KAZ said...

I daren't even guess what the blue bucket's for.
Hope you are providing enough cups of tea and jammy dodgers.

Murph said...

Wot team is purple?

stitchwort said...

kaz - the blue bucket is for the bathroom fitter to mix plaster in, or carry rubbish down the stairs. Nothing else. (There is another bathroom.)

murph - merino has, in the past, been confused with Merinho (Jose) by my other reader.

Murph said...