Sunday, June 17, 2007

17 June: Time passes

A Happy Birthday to Number One Grandchild!

The bathroom progresses; the skip fills.

The shower room is getting finished. Walls are painted, blind is up, new bits and pieces have been found and added. We spotted this hare, a copy of one by Rodin, in Bainbridges yesterday - actually it might have been Fenwicks, as I am permanently confused about which shop I am in. Anyway, the hare goes rather well with this jug that's been lurking in the back of a cupboard for the best part of 40 years; I knew it would come in handy one day, and it's fun to have a culinary theme rather than a sea one.

And here is an almost-finished sock, knitted from the bamboo and Shetland mixture that I carded, spun, and dyed in the past 3 weeks. As there is limited yarn, the other sock may have to be green with lilac "points".


stitchwort said...

And all that cardboard in the skip was carefully pulled out, flattened, loaded in my car, and taken to the tip - for them to recycle, or chuck in landfill themselves, whatever happens to it. But I tried.
And don't start on the petrol I used to go to the tip - I combined it with another essential journey.

Murph said...

In Thetford they fill all the empty containers going back to China with our old cardboard boxes. They come back again with sophisticated consumer goods somehow, so it does seem like a reasonable deal.

todaysdaze said...

Just curious (OK nosey)is this the same bathroom pictured in a previous post? or do they have a different tile and color scheme? more photos of the finished rooms please!!!
PS. I think the one pictured here is beautiful. It is very similar colorwise to the bathroom I redid in England a couple of years ago. Neutrals are ageless, a good choice I'm thinking.

Lucy said...

I do rather like the pewtery lilac-y sort of theme to these photos, and that hare is lovely, especially with that jug.

stitchwort said...

The photos on 10 June and 17 June are both the shower room, now done out in the natural stone tiles, a dark brown blind to match the shelf, and deep green walls - a shade called Bamboo Leaf.

The pewter-lilac tone must be a trick of the light, or a reflection from the sock!