Saturday, June 23, 2007

23 June: Not only bathrooms, but also water

The main bathroom is now refitted, but not yet painted and finished. I haven't yet been able to take a good photo, as the mirrors have this person with a camera in them. It's also difficult to photograph a small room with fittings all round.

The past couple of days have been spent cleaning the film of dust from everywhere; the bathroom fitting is not entirely to blame for that, but it's been a good opportunity to have a good clean up. There is no longer a skip on the drive, and our cars are no longer parked in awkward places in the street.

Today I went to a meeting in Durham. Two or three lime trees grow below one end of Milburngate Bridge, and their flowers are wonderfully sweet, and full of bees.

The river was boiling over the weirs, murky and full of branches.

After the meeting, I walked down Saddler Street in a monsoon . It was quite spectacular - water was spurting from downpipes unable to accommodate the downpour and bubbling up from the drains. Not wishing to get my camera wet, I took only one snap, of the stream at the bottom of Saddler Street, gushing down the steps to the left. Then I dashed on to meet DH, who was picking me up at a pre-arranged place and time.


KAZ said...

Remember the balaclava?
You could wear that to take the photos.

We've been quite lucky here re flooding. It's a myth about Manchester and rain!

Lucy said...

Look at all that water!

Murph said...

Watery themed post Stitch. I don't think you should take up Kaz's suggestion of photographing yourself in the bathroom in a balaclava as it's starting to sound a bit weird.
(If you bathroom mirror steams up, try taking in a gaurdian.)

KAZ said...

OOps - spoke too soon - floods of the stuff today.