Tuesday, June 05, 2007

5 June: Behold the yellow socks

The yellow socks knitted from the mixture of soy and Blue Faced Leicester are finished, and here they are -

They are a good fit and feel very comfortable. It remains to be seen how they wash and wear. They were made from the toe end first, using a provisional cast on and short row shaping. I got the basic design from a knitlist posting from 1999 by Mary Sherman Lycan, who called it the Sherman Sock.

I am presently spinning a mixture of bamboo fibre and Shetland wool; when I have a few skeins I will dye them in different colours and make socks from them, probably to this design. The way of knitting the toe and the heel (which is identical to the toe) is ideal for doing contrast colours there, so I might try that next time.

When we came back from our weekend visit to DD and the GrandKids, the rose on the pergola was in full bloom. There is a lovely blue clematis on one side, which you can just see towards the bottom left hand corner. This picture may not be too clear, as I took it through the glass of the window.

The bathroom refurbishment is into its second week. We may have the shower room in operation for the weekend. Or again, perhaps not...


KAZ said...

Like me, your blog has photos of your feet and no more.
I'll show my knees if you will - though I'll probably keep my trousers on.

stitchwort said...

No, not the knees!
In 2003 in France, I fell spectacularly on my knees on a stony track -> one lot of scars; then in 2004 I fell and broke my kneecap -> more scars from the subsequent operations.
Not a pretty sight.

Granny J said...

That approach to knitting sox is a new one to me, but then I haven't knitted in maybe 15-20 years, so there are probably a lot of new ideas out there in the world. I'm curious, too, about the bamboo fiber --any particular type of bamboo? How does it hold up? Where do you get it?

stitchwort said...

The bamboo fibre was bought from the supplier I normally buy prepared wool fibres from; no idea what variety of bamboo it is; it comes as a mass of fine white fibres, which I carded like any others. Its wearing and washing properties are yet to be seen.