Friday, June 15, 2007

15 June: Suspended

The bathroom re-fitting goes on. And on.

The house is in such chaos that I feel quite stopped - can't get on with anything, can't concentrate, can't even think straight.

Just hanging onto the thought that it will only be another (working) week, perhaps a day or two longer, then I will have the place to myself again, and I'll be able to walk about without having to climb over a pile of stuff moved from somewhere else, I'll be able to get on with a task without having to stop and make a decision about the exact position of something, and I'll be able to have quiet. Not that it's Radio 1, it's actually much the sort of thing I choose when I choose to have the radio on - which is not usually more than 2 part-afternoons a week.


I've been spending a lot of time trawling blogs, following links, then other links, and finding some wonderful new stuff.

But there's another thing. Interesting blogs that promptly stop as soon as you discover them. So many seem to be running along quite well, with fairly frequent postings, then, just as you're getting into the swing of it, and liking the stuff that's there, it stops. No explanation or anything, just no more postings. Particularly frustrating on a knitting blog when you've just asked a technical question, and would actually like to know the answer.

Has the blogger been struck down by some dreadful disease or accident? Lying paralysed in hospital? Wandering in another town with no memory of who they are or where they belong? Or simply got fed up and stopped? Or, even worse, started a blog in a different format, under a different name?

How many bloggers have a split blogging personality, with no advertised connection between different blogs? Are 2 of your favourite blogs in fact written by the same person? Makes you wonder.


Lucy said...

I sometimes have morbid thoughts about what would happen if 'something happened' to one of my blogging friends, how would I know?
Probably the last thing on one's nearest and dearest's minds would be to let the blogging community know! Perhaps we all ought to make living wills about it!

KAZ said...

Stitch - looks like you guessed that my other blog is *It's a Dog's Life*.

Surely you didn't think it was really written by Murph.

You didn't did you??

Murph said...

Tres amusant, ma amie! But not so fast!
I actually invented the concept of "Kaz" as an idle blogger from Northern climes.
You surely didn't think she exists did you??!!

stitchwort said...


So, even fewer readers than I thought! (But then, perhaps you are also reading my other, secret diary?)

lucy - yes, perhaps instructions should be left in one's will. It was certainly a shock recently to drop into Rest Area 300m and find that Doddery Old Fart had died - news posted by the "boffins", presumably Blogger admin. Though somebody must have told them.

Z said...

Not many people know that I'm actually my own husband, which is why I'm so nice about him.

And, to come back to reality, I was also so sorry to hear about Doddery Old Fart. His blog disappeared from my blogline feeds and when I noticed, I dropped in to see why.

Granny J said...

My daughter also blogs (Omegamom);I have a hunch that she would automatically think of making a farewell post for me (she has my password, etc.)

Around My Kitchen Table said...

Re bathroom: Deep, deep sympathy from one who is in the same boat (or should that be 'bath'). At the moment I having to clean my teeth and wash my hands at the kitchen sink because the bathroom basin isn't connected.
Blogs: Know what you mean about discontinued blogs. I love reading other people's blogs and often leave comments but the times I have left my words of wisdom (!) only to realise that the blog hadn't been updated since God knows when. Now I always look at the date first.

stitchwort said...

z - good cover!

granny j - I'll pop over to your daughter's blog and have a look round.

Hello, amkt - snap, then!
Comments always welcome here.