Wednesday, June 27, 2007

27 June: Nearly ...... finished

The bathroom is now painted, but still lacks a blind; and perhaps the towels should all kinda match. After the purchase of a number of small tester pots of paint and much deliberation, we decided on purple.

It probably needs a picture on the wall too, but we'll have to see something we like.

Here is the latest knitted hat posing on the shelf -

And the same colour theme recurs in the latest pair of socks -

Most of the people who knit socks seem to delight in fancy lace or complicated cables, often knitted in merino; I suspect that they don't actually wear these socks regularly, as fancy stitches are not always as kind to the feet as plain knitting. And merino is famous for the ease with which it felts, so is not the best choice for an item that gets worn and washed time and time again.

We won't be able to go shopping for bathroom stuff on Saturday, as we are going to the Woolfest at Cockermouth. Lots of fibre, wool, sheep, and similar stuff. Last year I bought a spinning wheel and several kilos of fibre. Will I find lots to buy there this year?


Murph said...

zehr schon badzimmer! Purple was a very...bold..choice.

Hope you see some lovely Herdwicks at the Woolfest. They always look like Old English Sheepdogs in drag.

KAZ said...

I double clicked on the picture to find out what it was on the shelf - nice seed pods!
Are you one of those people from Transylvania who doesn't cast an image in the mirror?

Kerry said...

'Woolfest at Cockermouth" English are so cute!

todaysdaze said...

Love the new pictures of the bathroom, I was a little worried that you had knitted one of those toilet roll covers that were hip in the 70's (Maybe they are coming back and I am a little behind the times) anyway I was relieved to read it is a very cool HAT!!!!
I see you have a towel warmer / radiator. Oh how I miss my towel warmer here, not for the heat obviously but for drying my towels after a bath or shower.
Looks like your bathroom is finished what else have you got to get? Back when I lived in Bury, I really liked the tile shop next to Bury Bowl, they had some great accessories. I think they were called Smith and Wareham.