Thursday, June 28, 2007

28 June: While it's not raining...

After yesterday evening's hail, which sent the cat scooting to hide in his favourite cardboard box, this morning the sun was shining. It was an ideal opportunity to do some gardening.

The hydrangea that was becoming stunted in a tub by the front door is now starting to stretch its roots out next to a buddleia in the back garden. One of the roses, which had grown very tall and had extremely disappointing flowers has been hacked down. The roots appear to be as extensive as the top growth was, and after struggling with the stump for an hour, I came over all feak and weeble (or indeed weak and feeble) and decided it was a job for two people, and that I needed a restorative cup of coffee.

All the time the powerful scent of the philadelphus was filling the garden. A dismissive comment in a gardening article recently remarked that this shrub very often takes up a lot of space in small gardens, where it is very dull for most of the year. But that dullness for 11 months is quite forgotten when it flowers!

At the other end of that border is a nice pink - named not for the colour but for the ragged (pinked) edge to the petals. This one might be a Cheddar pink, but there are lots of little pinks tucked into the border edges. The dark leaf behind it belongs to another plant with disappointing flowers (ligularia), but the leaves make up for it - when the snails don't eat them all.

And this clematis is really doing well on the pergola. Called Etoile Violette, I think.

Purple again!

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Lucy said...

Lovely, Stitch. I didn't know about pinks being called that - ragged robin is also related I think.
If I had to choose one flowering plant out of all I think it would be philadelphus. There was one at the house where I grew up, growing alongside box hedges, the bitter/sweet combination is very resonant, and somehow, with it's name, it seems to represent gentleness and kindness.