Saturday, September 15, 2007

15 September: Fame?

Well, thanks to bbc3, the stats have gone through the roof.

30 hits already this morning before 8 o'clock, and we all know that nobody reads blogs on Saturday. No comments left, though.

Looks like they sniffed out bob the bolder.

(Update at 2.15 p.m. - up to 65 visitors now, leaving no traces though. I would never have thought bbc3's website attracted that many people, and from so far across the globe.)

(Update at 8.45 p.m. - now 117 visitors, and still not a word of comment left. Is that a light carbon footprint?)


Bob the Bolder said...

Now there's an amplificatory (?) comment about not "washing" added to that post.

Along with dog owners and organised religion, this is something worth feeling strongly about.

Don't let toiletry ads wash your brain!

Anonymous said...

what were you on bbc3 for?

stitchwort said...

Hello anonymous - I wasn't; I merely posted (on 11 September) about one of their programmes. Scroll down and read all about it.

Anonymous said...

Just lurking ;)

Granny J said...

Well, to bring you down to earth, Stitch, I've tagged you. A visit to my blog for further details is in order! Don't know if it will bring any more comments your than bbc3, but it might!