Sunday, September 09, 2007

9 September: Catching up

StatCounter tells me that visitor numbers have dropped - apart from those perennial searches for Fred Knittle and string bag patterns.

So, while everyone else is away, here are some fresh delights, just for you.

The purple jersey (wonderful phrase for the Middlesbrough or Liverpool accents) is finished, though it wasn't dry for the knitting and spinning workshop on Saturday. Here's a picture -

And a close up of the neck - a few rows of garter stitch instead of the hood - and the button fastening. There was just one orphan button in the box that was the right size and colour.

The workshop was exhausting, and I came home with a sore throat. A couple of participants learnt new things, but perhaps not as much as I did.

And I haven't yet mentioned the new CD from the Young@Heart Chorus; it's called mostly live, and it's available for very reasonable cost from Among the tracks are a studio version of Fix You by Fred Knittle, and excellent versions of Every Breath You Take, Forever Young, Ruby Tuesday, and, my current favourite (sorry, Fred) - Jealous Guy; I like this version better than any other I've heard.

There, that should give the stats a bit of a boost.


I, like the view said...

OOOH! what a WONDERFUL jumper!!!

it's gorgeous!!!!

on another matter entirely, if you were doing a pass-the-parcel for dave (one of the really over the top ones, with a gift in each layer) what would be in one layer of the wrapping and what would you put in the middle of the parcel?


stitchwort said...

Thank you, ILTV. I'm very pleased with the way so many shades have blended together.

As it's rather bulky, and so am I, it does nothing to minimise my size, but hey, if you've got it, why not flaunt it?

Pass-the-parcel is an activity I find very embarrassing (like winning a raffle prize), so it's something I would avoid.

I, like the view said...

maybe you could knit him a sweater or something then? some socks? or suggest a theme tune?

you're so creative and talented. . .

and witty! (a poem, perhaps?!)

I'll leave it up to you - otherwise, please feel free to pop into his birthday extravaganza (to be found on my profile page) should you feel like it!


I, like the view said...


Probably Jane said...

The purple jersey is beautiful - as predicted, you have finished before me - I am only half way down the first sleeve - and I plan a hood!