Tuesday, September 18, 2007

18 September: Season of .. inkle?

Well, while all those hundreds of bbc3 people have been tramping through the blog, arriving, peering round, sniffing, and leaving swiftly, life has been going on as normal Chez Stitchwort.

Knitting has continued - you can see a sock for DH in the basket on the table, behind the inkle (no idea why it's called an inkle, it just is) I have been weaving -

Here is a closer photo -

The trouble with this sort of weaving is that it's predictable (you have to choose warps before you start), and rather boring (no surprises as you go along), so I find the appeal limited. Perhaps tablet weaving might be more interesting.


We are getting to that time of year when one poem's opening line is done to death.

It would be interesting to think of some alternatives. My suggestion might be -

Season of boots
And laundry hung indoors.

Any more suggestions?


KAZ said...

How did Stephen Fry find his way in there?
Season of walks and central heating.

Murph said...

Season of Musts and Marrow Fruitiness.

(Musts like getting the coal in and putting anti freeze in the Morris Minor)

Olivia Kroth said...

Hello, Stitchwort,

I found your blog through Granny J., Walking Prescott. I am looking forward to your answers in the tagging game. I am participating, too.


stitchwort said...

Stephen Fry? Where?

Poor murph, in backward East Angular, still using coal and Morris Minors. Is the computer coal-fired too?

Hello olivia - no professional writing here, I'm afraid; just what the heading says. Still thinking about the meme.

KAZ said...

The book!

stitchwort said...

Ah yes; I was unable to resist the title - 'The Ode Less Travelled'.
Still haven't read it all.

Olivia Kroth said...

Scrolling down your blog, I would like to tell you that I just love your knitting and weaving products.

I must admit that I have never been a weaver or a knitter. The only thing I tried was knitting a pair of socks at school, red socks, mind you.

They came out so crooked and ugly that I really felt ashamed. When I started crying, my teacher took them up and finished them so that I could give them to my mother on Christmas.

Mom said they were the most beautiful socks she had ever seen and wore them faithfully in her skiing boots.So much for motherly love!

stitchwort said...

Thank you, olivia; practice helps you to knit better. Socks are very hard for a beginner, but your teacher was kind to help, and your mother was a star!