Sunday, September 30, 2007

30 September: Suffolk

OK, the summer's properly over now - we're back from our holiday.

We went here -

And here -

We kept a lookout for Crocs when we were walking round the town and inspecting the old Cattle Market building site, as well as when we were eating ice creams in the Abbey gardens, but didn't see any.

There was a trip to Cambridge to see DD's new house, and while we were there we visited the Botanic Garden, where we saw this lovely tree -

DH said he felt like a child in a sweet shop, there were so many beautiful places to go. We spent a magic afternoon at Dunwich Heath (no, we didn't spot any Dartford Warblers, but we spotted several serious bird-watchers), and we walked in this woodland -

Sutton Hoo was another brilliant place, but unfortunately the burial mounds look like a rather dull bumpy field, and we were too busy looking at the exhibition to take any photos. (We did photograph some interesting Norfolk Horned sheep that were grazing by the burial mounds - well, interesting to us.)

At the end of the week strong winds, heavy rain and high tides caused some problems along the coast, but they also made some dramatic waves -

And there was very little knitting done! Mainly because the project I took with me didn't work out well, and I unravelled it. And now we're back home I want to get on with some spinning.


Murph said...

Southwold & Bury St Edmunds looking good! Funnily enough we're on our way here next week.

stitchwort said...

Nice castle at Warkworth. And the beaches near there are sandy, but take your woolly hats - it's fresh!

Lucy said...

Sounds and looks like a good trip, Stitch. Love the pastel coloured beach huts, and the waves.

KAZ said...

Did you shave the sheep to satisfy your cravings?

Doris said...

Sounds like the perfect getaway to me.

Granny J said...

stitch -- now that you are back from an enviable holiday, it's time for something serious -- you've been tagged! To come up with a couple of tips for bloggers. Take a look at the long list at my post & see what you can add!

Ruby in Bury said...

I do like your choice of places to visit on holiday. Sorry you didn't spot any crocs - it would have been fun if you had :-)